TEDx Coaching

TEDx Coaching

International TEDx Expertise

Producing a successful TEDx takes a lot of hard work in many different areas, but if everything is well-organised, what determines the success of the event is how well your speakers perform. It’s rarely the best-known speakers who deliver the stand-out talks.
TEDx Coaching

With our TEDx coaching, we help speakers to spread their ideas to the world.

TEDx Coaching for Youth

Our TEDx coaching for youth is full of fun. Working with our young speakers also gives us immense pleasure.

TEDx Coaching for Adults

Our TEDx coaching for adults helps you reach beyond limits by training your mind.

Work With A Professional Public Speaking Coach To Get Crystal Clear On Your Message

Do you know you have a story inside you? Maybe you’re unsure how to crystallize it into a single idea that cuts through the noise. Perhaps you have multiple messages you could tell…or none at all (yet).

Regardless of where you’re at in your process, our Talk Advisors and TEDx style coaches can help. They’ve each worked with hundreds of thought leaders like yourself to help clarify ideas and determine if your message has what it takes for the world’s biggest stage.

Craft a Speaking Presentation That Leaves An Impact

If accepted into the Thought-Leader Accelerator program, it means your message has what it takes to cut through the noise and leave an impact on the world. You have a story inside you, now it’s time to share it.

Here, our Talk Writing Intensive offers expert guidance and support so you can script a viral-worthy signature talk for the world’s biggest stage.

Become the Professional Speaker You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Public speaker coaching has never been easier. Our Application Intensives take you inside the mind of TEDx organizers. Here former TEDx speakers and writing coaches work with you to craft an application that is guaranteed to stand out and get you noticed.

Leverage Your Talk To Build Your Personal Brand

Join our Talk Marketing Intensive to learn how to leverage your TEDx once it goes live. Use our framework to receive maximum leverage for your talk, and grow your audience.

Build your business, your brand, and your legacy. Ultimately it’s not just about the talk…it’s about the opportunities that come as a result.